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  • Taste 5: Cider

    What goes around might indeed come around, but in the case of cider, a once quite-traditional drink in America, the renewed interest is crazy – people are drinking the stuff up like it was colonial times.  Consumers seem to love that it’s not quite a wine (though it’s made similarly, from orchard fruit, usually apples), […]

  • Taste 5: Absinthe

    Beware the wormwood. Or at least that’s what enough government bodies decided was scary enough to ban Absinthe altogether, entirely, from our lives, for decades of time. It was St. George Spirits in Alameda that cranked up the Absinthe machinery again, on December 21, 2007, on the anniversary of Prohibition’s Repeal, the first legal producer […]

  • Taste 5: Ginger Beer And Ale

    Okay, so as two Americans brought up during the golden age of soda, before Tab was deemed cancer causing and high-fructose corn syrup invaded every other sugary can, ginger ale was often thought of as the cure to whatever ailed you, whether that be childish fever or very grown-up morning-after hangover. It took a certain […]

  • Taste 5: Cava And Prosecco

    In the world of Champagne alternatives, there’s American sparkling wines, made often in a methode Champenoise style; there’s Cava, the class of Spanish sparklers also made in a traditional method; and there’s Prosecco, one of the hottest segments in the marketplace right now, and Italy’s gift to the bubbly world. Cavas and Proseccos are often […]